A number of industry sectors have benefitted from the specialised coatings made available through Pinjarra Engineering and the company’s association with high-tech European product developers.

Coatings applied to valve and pump elements extend the life of the components, repair corroded surfaces and reduce friction, increasing efficiency in liquid flows. Suitable coatings depend on a variety of factors – such as the nature and temperature of the medium being transferred, the pressure acting on the valve, the environment in which the valve or pump is situated, and the diameter of the valve itself.

The Belzona specification ensures an exceptional standard of repair and protection, that is built on over six decades of experience and know-how. The combination of cutting-edge research and development has produced a range of sophisticated polymer systems which are available through Pinjarra Engineering, designed for the repair of corroded surfaces and the reduction of friction.

External epoxy-based coatings are used to provide protection from corrosion and environmental chemicals. These materials are also combined with ceramics to reform damaged flange faces that have been subjected to harsh chemicals, crevice corrosion, galvanic corrosion and high-pressure steam.

Pinjarra Engineering has the knowledge and experience to advise on the most appropriate treatment, together with in-house facilities including spray booths, ovens, sandblasters and dip spinners to apply the widest range of coatings. All works come with a full blast and paint report to help identify the source and nature of contaminants.


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What Our Clients Say

“Delivery on time, every time…well done.”

Clement Nonde

Procurement, Alcoa Kwinana

“Pinjarra’s industrial coatings are excellent. The care taken and work was of a very high quality.”

Adrian Padfield

Rotables Specialist, Tronox Limited